Identifying Paint Problems

Identifying Paint Problems

5 Common Damages From A Front End Collision

A front-end collision doesn't have to be at high speeds to cause damage. Even low-speed collisions can cause damage that shouldn't be ignored as they may make the car unsafe to drive. 1. Hood Latches Even the most minor of collisions can cause major damage to the hood. If the hood no longer closes so that it sits completely flush, then it poses a risk of latch failure

Military Spec Coatings to Complete Your Off-Road Vehicle

If you want to give your off-road vehicle an authentic finish, military spec coatings are a great choice. These coatings are more than just durable camouflage paints. They can also be durable coatings that protect metal components from harsh environments. The following information will help you give you to choose the right military spec coatings for your vehicle: Non-

Repairing The Collision Damage Your Vehicle Has Suffered

The effects that a collision can have on your vehicle may be extensive, but you might not always be fully able to navigate the repair process due to a lack of experience with encountering this type of auto damage. What If The Auto Collision Damage Has Forced A Body Panel To Be Close To The Wheel? A common side effect of collision damage is a body panel of the car bein

Auto Tint Is Great For Many Reasons

Auto window tinting has a lot of things to offer you. It is important to make sure you don't have tinting put on the windows that violate the tinting laws for your area. However, you can still go fairly dark in most cases without violating these laws and the window tinting company should be aware of them, so they can provide you with that information. When it comes to

What Determines The Difficulty Of Auto Body Repair Work?

Folks who provide auto body services have to think about a lot of issues on most jobs before they get started. You might wonder what makes one auto body repair difficult and another simple. Here are 5 ways auto body repair services providers determine whether they're in for a tough time with a project. Availability of Replacement Parts Not all jobs lead to a technicia